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It is nothing but obvious to see – most of the local services being provided in the developing economies, are under severe unorganized sectors. Which actually means, people have trouble finding solutions to even small problems. You can leverage the business opportunity in this gap, and actually create a local service marketplace to help both the local businesses and the consumers.

Now, running a local service marketplace startup like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, might not seem that easy. There will be platform development costs, getting the right kind of vendors on the platform, marketing the business and other tons of problems, you will be dealing with.

Here is the solution. You can use this guide, as a set of benchmarks to help you succeed in this business:

1.Use a Thumbtack clone. Most of the programmers will tell you to go other ways, but at the end of the day they are programmers, and they lose business when people use website clones. That said, you could create a fantastic platform, with features and functionalities that are proven in an international market by a successful startup. You can simply choose to build the Thumbtack clone using the Thumbtack script, which you can find with any good agency or UI/UX developer.

Using the Thumbtack clone will:

A. Help you save a lot of time and money, which is otherwise spent in developing the platform.
B. Help you get the same features and functionalities, as available on the Thumbtack website.
C. Help you launch your business early, and with more funds available to expand!

You can even choose to buy Service Marketplace Software and service booking software available in the market across the globe. That said, such software may or may not give you the desired features. If you use a service marketplace script like the Thumbtack Script, you can rest assured that you are getting the very features you want on your platform, at a fraction of the possible cost.

2.Validate the data of the vendors on your platform. Your business is an organized marketplace to find vendors and local service providers. Hence, your platform should stand as a benchmark for reliability in the consumer’s mind. To achieve that status, you will have to ensure that all the data – contact details, address, name & identity, work history, service details, given by the service providers on your platform, is valid. You should have a mechanism in your business, to be able to verify this data at regular intervals, to ensure that everything is genuine and smooth for your consumers.

3.Leverage Social Media. People tend to forget using Social Media when focusing on the specific region. Remember, Social Media can have both a wide and a specific reach. This way, you can use Social Media to promote your platform to the very local vendors and consumers, who will be using your platform for business. Hence, leverage social media and let your business’ hyperlocal nature do the talking.

4.Have a rating system for the local service providers. In a usual scenario, people are dependent on references provided by their friends, family, and colleagues to take the services of a local service provider. That said, once they come on your platform, they are getting multiple options for the same services. Now, they may or may not be experienced in judging the services and filtering the quality service providers from the list; this is where your platform should be able to help them. You can include a proper rating system or a referral system, to show how reliable a local service provider is.

5.Promote the best local service providers when you promote your platform. Why not show the growth in business of the local service providers, when marketing your platform? Getting new local businesses signed up on your platform, is as important as getting new consumers on your website. Hence, you should be able to convince the local businesses that your platform is the catalyst for growth for any local service provider willing to reach out to the right consumers.

Ensure that your platform can tick these five benchmarks, and you will have a quality and reliable platform helping consumers and local service providers find each other.

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